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my training routine

For me, training consist of a sports, a nutrition, but also a mental program. These three aspects are important parts of my everyday training routine.

Morning run

I enjoy starting my day with a run. It helps me to get awake and to get focused for the day. Running clears my mind but it also helps me to learn to push my physical and mental limits.

Breakfast: coffee and acai

Coffee is an absolute need! Thanks to Fine Fruits Club, Acai, the Brazilian „superfood“, gets me the energy for the day.

Sparring and drilling

It is important to me to practice grappling/BJJ everyday. Techniques are tested in sparring rounds and I broadening my game by drilling new techniques. I am very thankful for my friends and training partners which are willing to focus on my progress in these sessions.

Strength and conditioning

Aside grappling techniques, overall fitness is important to improve my performance. Therefore, strength and conditioning training is part of my daily routine. During training and privates, I like to get some extra energy from Vollgas Riegel whenever needed.

Lunch: it’s cauliflower time!

I like to eat healthy low carb meals to not feel to tired after eating. Cauliflowers are a perfect way to replace some carbs in delicious meals.

BJJ/Grappling teaching

Teaching at the is part of my training. Because techniques I teach to my students, I need to understand in detail and are tested by a wide range of people. Thereby, I constantly widen my repertoire of techniques.

Recovery and relaxing

After a day full of training, I enjoy to take a hot bath to calm down and recover. Relaxing is important for my mental strength and focus.

Of course, my training depends on the event I am preparing for and my general schedule of the particular day. Some days I feel fine to train more and some days I feel to train less, its important to listen to your body and to know your limits.
This workout works for me in general but this is no recommendation for everyone!

If you are looking for a guide or program for your training fitting to your life and goals, please contact me to get in touch!