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the coach

My coaching concept – sports, nutrition and mental health

Coaching is more than showing how to do certain techniques.
Mental support and overall concepts of a healthy life style are part of my coaching. Depending on the athlete’s overall goals, we focus on sport, nutrition and mental aspects. Coaching is a process and therefore my concepts will be adapted to match the athletes needs. Fitness and health cannot only be achieved by professional athletes, but by everyone. A moderate fitness program that will improve your overall life quality is possible to integrate in every life!

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I experienced my self how much impact proper support can have in succeeding. But proper support is a highly individual thing. Sports have been a major aspect for all my life. I met different kinds of coaches. There is no perfect coach or coaching style for every athlete. This why I do not expect athletes or grappling students to only stick with me. Exchange of ideas between different teams but also between athlete and coach will improve the results of everyone involved.

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