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the athlete

Many people asked me: What happened to your ears?
A lot of tough training caused the shape of them. Now my cauliflower ears are representing my journey.

I represent German Grappling. By competing at international tournaments, I am honored to represent Germany at the highest level of grappling and BJJ. I aim to show the world that the German BJJ community is growing.
In 2021, I was part of the national grappling and newaza team. Since 2022, I focus on grappling.

I am part for the ZR Team family. I compete for the ZR Pro Team under Prof. Alain Pozo. He also supported me to found a German ZR Team in Greifswald. Without the support of World of Lockers and Sparkasse Vorpommern competing at this level would not be possible.

BJJ was love on first sight. Training on the mats just felt right from the very first session I took in the University sports club at the Combat Cuddlers in Greifswald in November 2015. In 2018, I got the opportunity to train and compete under Eduardo Fraga in the US at Ralph Gracie Berkley. It was around that time when I got very serious about a career as grappling athlete and coach as well as when my cauliflower ears started to grow.
Therefore, my Jiu Jitsu is tightly connected to Greifswald and Berkley.