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Cauliflower Camps

The Cauliflower Camps is a series of female-only BJJ camps. The main instructors and heads behind the camps are the BJJ champions Magherita Montes (@magheritamontes), Astrid Schölin (@astridscholin) and Gamila Kanew (@gami_bjj).

In times of emancipation you may wonder why we decided to do female* camps. The answer to this has several aspects:

  • Empowerment: clearly there is no need to have male instructors to run awesome BJJ camps and there is no need to invite male training partners to have challenging fights!
  • Easy vibe: we do not have to proof the value and level of our BJJ and we do not need to be careful to show our skills to deal with egos of our training partners.
  • Save space: BJJ wont be sexualized.

Coming camps:

Past editions: