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seminars, workshops & privates

BJJ Seminars & Camps

  • Who? BJJ and other martial arts clubs which are interested in learning grappling concepts and techniques. Please let me know if you are interested in a Gi or NoGi seminar and your level of ground fighting / grappling techniques.
  • What? First, I will show you our typical ZR Team Germany BJJ warm-up. Then, depending on your focus and interests, we will focus on a couple of grappling techniques and technical details. The seminar will then be closed with some light sparring to test the newly learned techniques.

If you are interested in hosting a BJJ seminar at your BJJ academy or sports club contact me to get in touch.


  • Who? Groups, e.g. sport clubs or working groups who are interested in learning concepts of martial arts, which are adaptable to the everyday life.
  • What? In accordance to your interests, we will focus on fitness aspects and the competitor mindset which can be transferred to the everyday life to improve e.g. the working-life-balance or on grappling-based self-defense to improve self-confidence.

If you would like to learn more about my concepts feel free to message me!

Privates & Personal Coaching

  • Who? Individual athletes and fitness-interested persons.
  • What? Let me know if you are interested in BJJ privates or fitness privates. You might also be interested in a long-term personal coaching program to improve your performance as an athlete or to improve your fitness for health reasons.

If you would like to get in touch, you are very welcome to contact me!