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Main sponsors


Fight Apparel is a local central European brand located in Switzerland. Supporting the grappling community and especially the BJJ and Judo sports is one of the main focuses of them. They aim to build a network in which athletes from different sports, clubs and nations can learn from each other. For that, high quality fight and sports wear and equipment is essential.


Nutrition is a big part of an athlete’s life. And we all like to sometimes live the Brazilian way of life.
Fine Fruits Club provides a wide range of high quality fruity nutrition products which are perfect bases for feel-good smoothies and bowls. I especially recommend the acai fruit puree!

A little extra to go with all kind of smoothies and bowls is the honey by the Norwegian Honey House.
The honey is pure honey without any additions by an inherited beekeeping tradition for five generations.

Sometimes I need an extra boost to get to my best performance.
Vollgas Riegel provide this delicious and healthy boost!


Clever Fit Greifswald – The best fitness studio you can find at the baltic sea!

Interested in cooperating? Please contact me to get in touch!