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recent sponsors

Die Sparkasse Vorpommern fördert lokale Sportler:innen. In den vergangennen Jahren habe ich sehr gern mit ihnen zusammen gearbeitet.

„Just stay calm and keep it structured!“
World of Lockers has a creative and innovative spirit, uses the modern marketing tools, and plays a leading role in the introduction of new locker products on the market. They keep the world structured. Everything I need to feel connected with World of Lockers!

M&G Sicherheitsdienst GmbH is a company that stands for security and safety. There is no better partner to support the gentle art of jiu-jitsu (and grappling)!

bt events organizes great events and parties. Could you think of a better support to celebrate my achievements with?!


Rebelz is the BJJ apparel providers with the widest range in Europe. Therefore, everyone will find the perfect gi and nogi set in their products. I am honored to represent a company that supports the European BJJ community by competing and training in their apparel.

Valor is a fight wear provider coming from UK with focus on BJJ and Judo. I have been supported by them throughout my color belts!